Rebuilding sync, now no groups?

Hey people. I have a small problem. I have four databases, two macs and an iPad running DEVONthink. This was all working great two weeks ago. Then…dropbox failed me.

So I decided to wipe the databses from the satellite systems and rebuild sync from scratch. For one of my databases, no problem. For the others, I get notes but no groups. I let it run for a day and then dropped the three incomplete databases and started over with one of them. It doesn’t look good…

I wonder if anyone has seen this before?

What satellite systems ?

The laptop and the iPad are “satellite” in that they rarely author new content. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s been over 24 hours, and the single DB I’ve tried to sync (during second try) has still not updated (only 5% of the files, and only 1 group. Which is of course weird!)

How big is the database as shown in File > Database Properties?

Well that’s kind of cool, I haven’t looked at that before now. 6.6 gig. (I only came to DEVONthink at the start of this year, but it’s my 4th generation of note management.)

The weird thing is that one group that made it across…it’s the last one alphabetically and the only one that’s come across both times I’ve tried the re-sync.

Since you’re close to square one, I’d clean that location and delete it.
Then create a new sync location with a new name and try syncing to it.

Well, you’ve got that “sqaure one” right. Thanks, I’ll try that.

Does restarting with a new sync location reset everything and get rid of all sync history? I’m still trying to understand sync. Is there a write up of best practices anywhere?

Is it possible to get a description of how sync works please?

Does restarting with a new sync location reset everything and get rid of all sync history?

Not for any previously used and uncleaned locations. It obviously would have no history for a new sync location.

The only publicly currently available documentation is in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync.