Rebuilding Tags

I decided to turn on group tagging by unchecking Exclude Groups from Tagging. The first time I did this, I wasn’t sure if anything happened, as I had a lot of tags that were leftover from a long time ago. I didn’t see any tags for the group names, so I checked Exclude, deleted all the tags, and then unchecked the Exclude (Groups from Tagging) again. Nothing. Now I have no tags showing under that Db, but I see the tag icon in the list.

How do I tell DT3 to rebuild tags?

After disabling the option “Exclude groups from tagging” groups are actually tags, meaning that every item inside the group is tagged with the group’s name. The only immediately visible difference is the different icon of groups.

So then, group tags won’t show up under Tags at all?


LOL, just when I think I’m understanding using tags, I see I don’t. :slight_smile: