Rebuilt Database bug

I just rebuilt my database, but I noticed all of my comments are missing.

And when I go to create a new Rich Text document and save it, it no longer names the document the first line of text… instead naming it something like “New Rich Text 1”.

Did I do something wrong?

Hi, Markus: I’ll have to check on the issue of comments after a rebuild.

But the behavior of creating a new rich text document didn’t change. If you create it with the contents of the clipboard (Command-N) the new document name will be the first paragraph of text in the clipboard (if there’s any content).

If you create a new rich text document by selecting Data > New > Rich text the new document will be named “New Rich Text…”.

I appreciate, as always, you looking into it.

A followup… it seems the comment section was only removed from the root level… in other words, the comments were not deleted when I drilled down into a new Group.

If you need me to make a quick movie, just let me know.

That’s strange - I’ve just created a small test database, containing only one item with a comment at the root level. After rebuilding the database the comment is still there.

I can second this (as I just discovered). My details:

I have some smart groups that use comments to search for their contents. These groups are four levels off the root. I also have some groups that are two levels deep, and they’re missing their comments too.

But oddly, it looks like all of my documents have their comments :confused:

Haha… and now this is really annoying. I hacked in a little extra applescript condition so that smart groups wouldn’t include each other: documents that are includable have “document” somewhere in their comments. Well, since all of the comments for the groups are blank, that means that every smart group suddenly contains every document that has at least “document” in its contents. Wow, that’s really messed up. I must fix this.

fixes it

You’re unfortunately right - due to a typo comments of groups aren’t rebuild. The next release will fix this.

Ah… I think that’s great news, yes? I’m sure there are lots of DT users who wouldn’t have noticed this.

Of course the next question is, “Any idea on when we can expect the release?”

Is there any chance I can get the release so I can rebuild my backup?

Actually there’s no need to rebuild a database until Verify & Repair reports errors.