Recall of previous Tags/information used - Clipper

Hello all,

Not sure if I am missing something - or if this would be useful for others?

I occasionally download/clip a series of newspaper/website articles from a particular website/on a particular topic in Safari. If its not something being managed through DevonAgent, given the ad hoc nature of it, I simply use the little DTPO clipper toolbar icon.

This calls up the interface, asking where I want to place the clipped file, and provides the standard option to rename it, add notes, and tag it.

My request:

It would be useful - possibly in those instances where several clippings are made within a set time/directly after one another - if the Clipper interface were to retain the location/Tags used in the immediately prior Clipping, to allow for the same to be applied to that ‘new’ Clipping, without having to repeat the process each time.

Presumably, as indicated above, a certain time-frame could be set - in other words, where I don’t clip anything for 2/5/10 minutes, then the Default/clear position returns… But where I am clipping several directly behind one another, then the Location/Tags (possibly Notes) are retained, allowing me to either keep them as is, and simply hit Enter/Return/OK - or change them again, if needed.

Not sure if others would find this useful?

[I realise that with the Tags/Notes - Alfred and its clipboard manager can be of assistance, but the above request would still make things a bit easier…]

At least the last used destination should be retained.