Recalling a search with a saved workspace

You can save a search as a smart group, but I’ve never seen a way to recall a search from a smart group.

As it turns out, if you set up a search and add the current layout as a new workspace (Go->Add), the search gets saved.

Let’s say you want to find a certain combination of tags. A smart group will do that. You can save your search as a smart group.

But what if you have 100 groups, adding and deleting them as you work, and you want to run that search in any one particular group?

Set up the search, save the workspace (Go->Add), and then recall the search by reloading the workspace.

Now, with the search open and displaying results, you can click around in the groups, retargeting the search with every click.

If you need to jump between searches, you can always save “throwaway” workspaces to delete after you no longer need them.

This is a benefit of the search field remaining live so you can apply the same search criteria while changing the scope (target).
Nice suggestion for people :slight_smile: