Recent Academic Workflows Videos (using DT) you would recommend

Hi there I am interested in your suggestions on YouTube Videos on academic workflows (and automation) that use DT, Tinderbox, Zotero, Scrivener, and bookends. Many thanks!

Wide topic. There are posts here that you can search for and if in existence probably can find YouTubes but provenance not guaranteed.

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Yes of course I found many things searching myself. For example this one
# Researching with Hazel, DevonThink, Bookends, and Tinderbox Applications but for example it does not give enough details on how to move references between DT and Bookends (in detail) and to Tinderbox. There is always a detail in the sequence which is not developed and this impedes people to replicate the workflow.

Generally I would need a way to better manage references between DT and Tinderbox, knowing that I can save reference in zotero, in DT and in bookends. Maybe this helps ? Thanks for your time !