Recent Databases automatically opening

OK, this is weird. I maintain several databases on different subjects. Before closing any one of them I hit Verify & Repair, then Backup & Optimize. Once closed, they appear in the Recent Database list.

However, I recently closed several of them in that way, and they all immediately opened up again, one after the other. Tried it again; same thing. The only way I got this to stop was to go to File:OpenRecent:ClearMenu.

Next time I closed several, they remained stable for awhile, but when I clicked on one of the databases in the Recent list to reopen it, they all opened fast, one after the other.

Any clues?

This is unfortunately a bug of the Sorter of version 2.9.9/10. One workaround is to remove rarely used groups from the Sorter, another one to disable the Sorter. Or you could downgrade to version 2.9.8. The next maintenance release will fix this of course.

(I wrote a whole email detailing my observations, then looked in this forum. D’oh!)

To amplify, I have the same observation and complaint. If databases are unnecessarily opened, it creates a performance hit, a resources hit, and a small but distinct risk of corruption if either the program or the computer crashes with the database(s) open.

You guys fix a lot of issues with each maintenance release, and we users appreciate your efforts. This fix is one several of us, at least, are waiting for. Thanks!

Agreed. This is a fix that needs to come sooner than later. I thought I was going crazy and doing something wrong with all of my databases opening at each launch. I looked for various settings and preferences that I may have accidentally turned on with no luck. Then I came here and viola, I discovered it wasn’t me! I have 7 databases that I use to varying degrees of regularity but they ALL have “Inbox” entries in the Sorter. About half are password protected so every launch means typing various passwords even though I’ll likely not be using the majority of the databases for any given session. Hoping this fix gets pushed out soon!

As I posted in another thread, I found that if you delay opening the Sorter for 60 seconds after Launching DTPO, Sorter will not auto-open closed databases.

Until DT gets this fixed, this can be a good workaround.

I built a macro in Keyboard Maestro that quits the Sorter before quitting DTPO, and another that starts a timer on DTPO launch, and opens Sorter after 60 seconds. I tested it several times, and it hasn’t opened a closed database once since I implemented this.

Hope that helps for now.