Recent Locations in "Select a Destination popup"

Hello all,

Strictly speaking, this relates to an Applescript request – but since (I think) it is one of the “built-in” options, that comes installed under the Scripts menu – and since it might have broader application, I opted to include it here, under the Requests sub-forum.

When one right-clicks on a file inside DTPO, and selects the “Move To” option from the menu, the disclosure triangle then opens up the long list of possible locations.
At the top of this list, is a “Recent Destinations” ‘group’, which is very handy.

However, when I in sending things into DTPO, from for instance Outlook, or triggering a shortcut using BTT inside DTPO, to move things around, my understanding is that the /Scripts/Data/Move.scpt is being triggered, which calls up the ```

display group selector

Hope the above make sense! 

As far as I know(?), it probably won't be possible to insert the "Recent Destinations" 'group', from the "Move To" option above into this, but if something like that could be implemented in some other fashion, going forward, it would be really useful... 

I love how easy it is to get things into DTPO – and to be clear – the "Select a Destination" floating menu is a very welcome feature, but if future iterations could possibly have that paradigm (where a floater pops up asking where you want to move/place the file to be moved/imported), but [u]with[/u] the Recent Destinations 'option' baked in, that would be [i]fantastic[/i]!

Thanks for the suggestion! This isn’t possible right now using AppleScript but a future release will hopefully make this script obsolet anyway.