Recently Added smart group in 2.6.1

Do I need to set a preference to get the Recently Added smart group in 2.6.1? The release notes imply it is added by default, but I don’t see it in the sidebar.

The name is Added Recently. Are you not seeing that?

No, under Smart Groups I see the time-based ones like Today, Yesterday etc. (with a clock icon) and Unread (with a blue dot) and user-created ones with a purple folder icon, but not Added Recently or Recently Added

And here the new Added Recently SG (mis-titled Recently Added in release notes) didn’t appear in the sidebar or under Data > New from Template > Smart Groups after an in-app update to 2.6.1.

Me too, here a screen capture of mine.

I also had this problem but it’s easy to fix: Go to “~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2” and remove the file “SmartGroups.plist”. DEVONthink will recreate the smart groups on the next start and “Recently Added” will be right there. (But note that you will have to recreate manually added smart groups afterwards.)

Actually, the real fix is to add the Recently Added smart group yourself. Here’s what you get if you have DEVONthink create the group, and it is easy to reproduce:

DEVONthink considers “this week” to be the week beginning (and including) the most recent Sunday (21 July in the case of this post’s date).