Recently Crashing on Startup

Hey there,

Something weird is going on with my DTPro. This is the first time I’ve had problems with it after nearly two years. Half the time I “launch” it by using the clip/pdf/save extension button in Safari, it’ll launch the DT window (naturally) and just hang at “Checking for updates…” After a few minutes of waiting (it usually only takes about 3 seconds to start, if that), I force quit and have to wait again a few minutes before trying again, or it’ll hang once more.

Basically, I can only clip to DT when it’s already open. If not, it’ll crash.

Anybody else?

Details of setup:

MacBook Pro late December 2011, Unibody, SSD hard drive from Apple
Mountain Lion (latest update - always).
Safari is the latest Safari. In fact, all my software is always updated at all times.

Any help would be appreciated. It’s not a big deal if I have DT open but since I don’t always have DT open, it would be nice to figure out. :slight_smile:


Probably best to open a ticket with Support and share crash logs and/or spin logs with them. This is usually not the kind of issue the forum can resolve. Good luck :confused: