Recently deleted Smart Group

I must be missing the very obvious.

Is there a way to create a Smart Group for items deleted within - say - the last week, please?

I’d have thought I could require it to match All (really both) of:

  1. Location = Trash
  2. Date modified = last week

I can’t immediately see how I can set those two criteria. I’m sure it’s obvious and apologise in advance.

But Thanks…

I’d think that this causes a logical problem – something that’s not there any more can’t be found. Because if you can find it, it must be there.

I know, you’re not talking about deleted items but about those still sitting in the trash. I’d probably open the trash and try to sort it by date somehow. But afaik, is not possible to target the trash in a smart group.

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Thanks for your reply, @chrillek; I see what you mean :slight_smile: .

Yes targeting the Trash in a Smart Group is what I want to do.

Perhaps that’s why such a Group doesn’t already exist!

Trashing also doesn’t change the dates of the item, therefore such a smart group is indeed impossible.

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Thanks, Christian!

If appropriate, may I ask that it be flagged as a possible feature for the future, please.

I usually move items into the Trash and leave them there for a few days (or even weeks) just to be sure.

It’d be useful if a Smart Group could reveal them as distinct from looking at everything in the Trash - so as to be able to retrieve them more easily.

A future release might support this. In the meantime Tools > Filter > Info might also be useful.

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Yes, it is useful. Thanks!

(or even weeks)

Note we advocate against this. If you’re not sure, we suggest you use a temp group of some kind in the database instead of letting items languish in the trash.


I hear you Jim.

Thanks. Duly noted. I’d never do that in the Finder - so shall mend my ways with DT.

Your guidance - as always - appreciated :slight_smile: .

You’re welcome :slight_smile: