Recommendation for distributed syncs...

Hi everybodoy,

I use devonthink since several years, together with scansnap. My whole life is in this database (about 20 GB) :slight_smile:.
Most of the time I’m away all over the world with my macbook Air and would like to keep my database on my computer and at home in sync. I have an Amazon S3 account (which I use for backup with arq). At home I have a Mac Mini which is on all the time as a server and a Synology Diskstation with a service called cloudstation, which is pretty much the same as a dropbox, but with storage on the NAS.
I decided to sync with a syncstore. I tried to put the sync store on Amazon S3 and access it through the Finder via ExpanDrive… but no luck. DevonThink can’t write to this mounted volume. Next I tried to put the snc store on my cloud station. This worked, but first of all it takes up a lot of diskspace (since the syncstore + the database are physical on each computer) and it is incredible slow (3-10 KB/s). Also I noticed, when I add a file to devonthink and press the sync button, then about 25 documents get synced every time… How can that be :frowning:
I didn’t want to use dropbox, because of security and also performance issues…
Do you have any recommendation?
Thanks so much for sharing some ideas :slight_smile:

IMHO depending on cloud syncs while on travel is too iffy and when an Internet connection is available, performance is often very poor because of access speeds.

My approach would be to involve a portable drive, probably (for a recent Mac) USB 3, which has decent speed (incredibly faster than uploads via most Internet connections). A 500 GB or 1 TB portable drive is not expensive. If you maintain the database files on your Mac’s internal drive that portable drive can be used both to hold the Sync store for your databases and Time Machine backups (important to ensure database integrity, assuming you periodically run Tools > Verify & Repair to check that your databases are error-free, hence the backups are also error-free).

When you return from travel, your desktop Mac can be updated from the Sync store on the portable drive.

Thanks for your recommendation :slight_smile:
The thing is that both my wife and I are uploading files (at home and on the way)…
Cloudstation works normally quite OK (10 - 20 MB/s) on the LAN. With Devonthink syncstore I get horrible transfer rates (2 -10 KB/s) with LAN Sync. :frowning:

Just a quick note… we have more comments about poor Sync behavior involving Synology drives, by far. If you had another drive accessible on your network, you could test a Sync to it to see if the performance is better.

I’ll suggest the kind of kludge I used to “equalize” my databases back before the days of Sync, in cases where copies of a database diverged in content on 2 Macs.

Assuming that from time to time you get good access to your cloud service, create a folder into which you export new content/newly edited items, that your wife can access. Likewise, she should create a similar folder into which she exports newly created or edited items from her databases. (You might include notes as to where certain items are to be filed or replaced.)

Each of you can then Import or Index those items into your databases. A bit more work, but might be helpful. I still recommend that portable external drive, at least for backups.

I’ll leave the issues of Synology NAS and whether Sync 2 may work more quickly for you to the developers and the future. :slight_smile: