Recommended DB sizes?

Are there any recommended sizes to keep database until?

Some of my work/ client folders - though largely document type files- however some also contain media/ pictures and hence can blow out sizes of databases. I would estimate the 10% of the files equals 80+% of the file sizes!

While i could exclude the media/ zips/ pictures from the database - it defeats the purpose of turning DevonThink Pro into my file system storage (ie. in 1 single place). And then need to reference them externally.
^ may not be ideal. or that DevonThinkPro should only include documents and folders should point to an external directory for large files to be kept elsewhere. ;(

Example sizes
Work #1 - 36GB - 70k files
Work #2 - 25GB - 50k files
Work #3 - 103GB (ie. Archive folder for previous clients) - 250k files

There is no harm in including the media files in the database (though I hope you mean you have individual databases per “work”).