Recommended external PDF editor?

Hi there, do any of you have recommended PDF editor?
I’d like to be able to “Open In…” then choose app X to edit PDF’s outline or link to x-callback-url. Stuff that currently cannot be done with DTTG.

I tried PDF Expert iPadOS trial for app X, but it seems PDF Expert create its own copy instead of editing the item in my database.

Is there any PDF editor that can satisfy what I want? Also, will PDFPen works for this?

Instead of “telling” DT to open a file in another app, have you tried to open the file from PDF Expert by going through the Files menu and into DT.

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sorry for the long reply.

I tried as you suggested, and it works! Thank you

But, then again, is there solution in which I can open from inside DTTG? Is it the default behavior of all PDF Editor apps in iPad?