Recovering a sheet

Due to some strange behavior by my Macbook (shutting down when battery expires instead of saving files and going to sleep), some peculiar things happened to my DT Pro 2 Database. Most of the problems have been easy to repair. Simply backing up and rebuilding the DB alleviates most issues. There is a pesky sheet, however, that I can’t seem to recover. Clicking on the file in DT Pro produces the obligatory “path not found” message. I can, however, find the file in the finder. When I open the file in a separate text editor, say Text Wrangler, I see that the data is still intact.

I’ve attempted to move this file and open it with DT Pro, but I always get the obligatory “path not found” message in DT. Any tips on restoring this file back into my DB? I could extract the data through TW and do it manually, but I’m thinking there’s got to be an easier way. I’ve also tried to import the file into DT, but it will not import. I appreciate any advice on this issue.

On a side note–and I ask this knowing the Macbook’s shutdown was my fault, kind of (I’d forgotten to connect to power cord, even though the laptop behaved unexpectedly)–can shutdowns be problematic if a DT DB remains “open” during shutdown?

Could you send the file to cgrunenberg - at - so that I could check this over here? Thanks! Otherwise please check the permissions. And what’s the name/extension of the file?

This could cause all kind of problems depending on the volume cache or the harddisc cache (e.g. a power outage killed my startup volume in the past) but usually shouldn’t as long as the shutdown doesn’t happen while DEVONthink is updating the database files.

I just sent the file.

I haven’t received it yet.

I had a similar problem happen – my computer hard crashed due to a battery failure when I had a bunch of DTPO databases open, including a .tsv sheet. Now the sheet appears to have one box only with a lot of the formatting revealed. Looking at it in TextWrangler all of the content is there – so this is probably an issue with a character out of place somewhere?

How was the issue in this post resolved?