Recovering after crash

Yesterday something happened and my DT reverted to an older database. The programme also disappeared from my iBook and have had to reinstall it and DevonAgent.
When I search for ‘Devon’, I find 3 sets of DT databases with different times for each -> 1-10. ???
I believe the ones with the earlier timing have my information but cannot open them.
How can I get my information back? How can I prevent this from happening? I’d grown to depend on DT and now I cannot trust it.

Both applications did “disappear”? That sounds really like a damaged filesystem (can’t imagine anything else) - what did happen prior to this? Did OS X freeze/panic?

You’ll need a complete “set” (DEVONthink-[1-10].database) - copy those 10 files to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink and launch DT PE. If the “set” does not work, try another one. If none of them work, you could stuff/zip the latest one and upload the archive to <> and I’ll have a look at it.

The only way is to backup regularly as hardware (especially harddiscs), filesystems, operating systems, third party extensions and software might fail.

;D Thanx Christian! I put the databases in the folder and voila!
One thing, how come DT picked up an older set of databases? Is there some setting I should change?

Actually I don’t know as usually there should be only one set (and maybe an additional one inside the “Backup” folder) - maybe something or somebody copied/moved the files?