Recovering data from iCloud Packet Sync-- possible?

Initially, I set up a syncstore on iCloud, but when I ran out of space, I switched to using a local Mac. Now the folder on iCloud still contains one database, and I would like to verify that the data contained therein is already present in DT locally.

Is there a way to import the data into DevonThink or otherwise view it in order to review its relevancy or lack thereof. The folder contains tax return receipts. Since they were all added at the same time, I can’t use dates to compare to existing items in the corresponding local database.

Any hope? Thanks!

No, you can’t look at the actual data and if you import it, it will merely open the existing database.

While I don’t understand why you’re wanting to look into the data when you have current data syncing, you could use File > Export > Database to create a ZIP of the existing database, then delete the database itself. You could then import the database from the Remote section to check its contents. If there are items you want to preserve, I’d suggest using File > Export > Files and Folders to a new folder on your Desktop, then deleting the imported database when you’re done. Then unzip the database and reopen it.

Thanks for the reply. Just want to be sure that the current database contains the all the data. Setting up the syncstore was a little confusing for me. Ideally, I’d like to do WebDav, but had trouble getting Apache to run correctly on the Mac and so went to iCloud, where storage quickly filled up, resulting in ultimately choosing go use a local syncstore.

Thanks again for the reply. Informative and helpful.

No problem.