Recovering old emails

I have a folder of .emlx files (email messages) of mine that are no longer associated with any mailbox. (Why this is so is a long story, but suffice that these were created by an archiving program which went awry and I am left with just the folder and files I mentioned - an error that cannot be reversed.)

To recover their content, I imported the .emlx files into DTPO2pb4. I can see the contents of each individual message correctly. However, search comes up with “no items found” regardless of the search term - including terms that I know should result in hits. Thus, I can read messages one by one, but not search the whole group, which I would like to be able to do.

We don’t support the emlx format in the MailImport plugin because it’s Apple proprietary. The easiest way is to import these messages into Apple Mail and then import them from there.