Recovering recent windows on crash

I’ve been told that it would be risky to have automatic recovery (as with MS-Word) of open windows after DT crashes. (Which it does often for me – in fact, five minutes ago now)! But couldn’t DT’s “Window” or “File” menus include a sub-menu of recently open windows/items, so one could open them one by one after a crash? (That way you’d know at once if one of them was a source of trouble…) I’ll often come across an item in my database and open it, as a reminder to come back to it later … and then the agony of a crash makes me forget which items I had open! Bet I’m not the only one! (Even a simple, unclickable text LIST of previously opened windows would be useful, if actually opening them post-crash presents some kind of risk of re-crashing…)

Open a ticket with support. Go to the Console, copy and submit your crash logs. Crashes are NOT normal.

If you fix your crashing problem then the rest is unneeded, it would seem.

Sorry – I wasn’t being quite accurate.
Sometimes it is indeed DT that crashes, but as often, or more often, it is my Mac OS that freezes or crashes – maybe because of some other app(s)-- and the restart shuts down DT. Hence my desire for some way to know what windows were open before a crash or a restart or forced quit.