Recreating the digest view and concept maps

I’ll state right off the bat that I probably don’t understand how DA is working but I suspect what I want to do is available. I searched the forum pages for “save digest” and got many results, but no link to take me to each entry. However, from the context shown on the post results, I don’t think I saw a direct answer to this question.

If I understand using DA correctly, I enter my terms and build my queries. I generally see the results I want an have now gotten used to adding notes and pages to DTPO from there. I really like the concept maps and the way it organizes the data and allows me to fish for subtopics. However, if I quit DA, that nifty little tool is gone.

Is the only way to have the concept map back as a workable tool to rerun the search? In othe words, is there anyway to make that window come back from saved sets without churning through the Internet again?

I say that because one query that I’ve been tweaking left and right to capture some pretty handy lists representing the views one one side or the other of a subtopic takes about 12 hours if the cache is empty. Why recreate all that drama if the result set is already saved and available? It takes so long because the keywords make a giant set and the real work is being done in secondary queries. It worked great when I ran it but I don’t expect any new results but I’d like to keep the digest and concept maps for a later look at the same data.

I there a way to make that interactive digest in DA without rerunning the query? Or is it doing it and I don’t see it?


Running the query is currently the only way. However, as long as the queries are cached and the cache not emptied on startup (see preferences), running the query again shouldn’t last long.

It would be very nice to be able to do this and to also be able to save the raw query results (compressed of course) in both DA and DT. Indeed, the concept map is one of the main reasons I became interested in DA. That and the megameta search capabilities of course. Come for the eye candy, stay for the meal…

Version 2.5 will include the possibility to save/open a search (including digest, results etc.).

I came on the forums looking for basically the same thing. It isn’t practical to keep my computer running all the time or for days/weeks. Glad it’s been addressed.

The popup menu of the search field of search windows contains already the last used search terms. In addition, you can save & open searches (via File > Save As…) including Quick Look previews, export the digest/map or automatically archive all results or add them to DEVONthink. Finally, the comments of results added to DEVONthink contain the used plugin.

OK. I may be misunderstanding something, but here is what I’ve always wished we could do and for which I had high hopes in DA3. Say we’ve run a query and looked at the relationships in the concept maps, sent some of our results to DT, etc., then we archive the remainder in case something else comes up. Why can’t we reopen the relevant search archive and see the relationships concept map again without re-running the search? These searches usually take hours and hours and it isn’t practical to rerun them every time this situation comes up. Is there some reason why the archived info can’t be resurrected into a conceptual relationship map? Is there a way to do this in DA 3.0 that I’m overlooking?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Just save the search via File > Save As. The saved search can be opened anytime and will e.g. display the digest and its topics. And new results can be easily appended.