Rectangular selection annotation

Hi folks, I have figured out how to do a text selection highlight from a pdf file and have it saved in markdown. But what about an image or rectangular selection from a pdf file - for formulas or figures or tables etc? Anyway to do that selection and have it saved in the markdown file (or a link to the image saved in the markdown file)?

That’s actually possible, just press the Alt modifier key while selecting the area.

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Thanks - that seems to work for rectangular selection of texts, but doesn’t work for an “image” selection of formulas and figures or tables. Unless I am doing the wrong thing after the selection? Any suggestions?

An example document or screenshot would be useful.

Hi - thanks. I will try to put together something which illustrates. Just to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I have the pdf open in DT, I hold down the option key and select a rectangular region using the trackpad. As I do this I see a rectangle on the screen and any text or symbols within the rectangle get colored light grey. What do I do then? If I extract a summary to markdown nothing appears in the region. If I choose “highlight” after capturing the region the text inside the rectangle gets colored yellow. Then extracting to markdown I get any text inside, not an image file.

This does not support images. A conversion to rich text might retain the image but that depends on the internals of the document.