Refresh indexed items

I am working with a lot of indexed items in my databases (with the simple reason of integration my files in a lot of different workflows).
With the new sync in place I started sharing some databases across my Macbook and my iMac and iPad/iPhone via WebDAV running on my iMac. This works so great - thank you for that feature! You should think about extracting this sync engine and sell it as a different product!

But my main question is: with all the indexed items I constantly update some files in some directory buried in an indexed group. Prior to sync I need to manually refresh the indexed groups. That is easy if I still remember which groups have been changed by me.
Is it possible to implement a “Refresh all indexed items”? Maybe even have refresh run prior to sync?

Check this out: Updating indexed groups across many databases

I usually select all groups in a database and use File > Update Indexed Items. Takes a while, but it is a thorough process.

I think the gist of your question however is a good request: DEVONthink should update indices when syncing, and not need some external command to force updates. I often open DTTG2 and realize “drat – don’t have my files because I forgot to update the indices”.