Refresh tags in DTPO

Somehow I have deleted tags inside DTPO. I just found out and the trash is empty.

The tags are still visible in Finder and I can search for them via Houdahspot in the ~/Library/Metadata folder.

Is there a way to update/refresh the tags in DTPO?

Thanks for the help.

I found a solution via a backup.

Exported the items when they still had the tags inside DTPO. Imported the items into the current database. Used the smart group “Duplicates” and deleted the items which didn’t have the tag.

Would still be interested if there is a more elegant way to do it.


If you are using a Spotlight index for your database, tags are included in the Spotlight metadata and also included in the Finder’s tags.
That doesn’t mean they’ll be still in DEVONthink. DEVONthink’s tags applied on its items remain separate unless those items are indexed.

Hi Jim, thanks for the reply.

I assume there is no elegant solution to re-load or sync feature for the spotlight metadata into DTPO for existing items inside DTPO.

You’re welcome and no there is no such mechanism at this time.