Refresher help needed on proper Apple Mail Import to DTPO

I’m working on getting my email Inbox to ZERO.

I’ve got several POP email accounts in Apple Mail (OS 10.6.7) and DTPO 2.1

Scenario 1: Copy of monthly bank/utility/etc statements are sent to my email account. I’ve been dragging them from Mail Inbox to a given Folder in DTPO and they are stored as eml files.

I’ve also used File>Import>Email and it appears to do the same as drag-drop.

Question 1: Since there is no need to reply to these messages, it should be safe to delete them from Mail once in DTPO, correct? Is there any difference in the ‘big picture’ of using Import vs. drag-drop to them into DTPO?

Scenario 2: I’ve got emails that have attachments and I may reply in the future to the sender (once imported to DTPO).

Question 2: Are the actual attachments imported as distinct objects, .xls, .doc, .pdf, and viewable in DTPO? Does the original email have to be in the Mail Inbox to be replied to? Does the original email need to be stay in Mail to view the attachments?


Same here. Every mail than I can answer in some seconds will be done directly, anything else will be done the same day. As soon as it is done I move the mail and the reply to a folder called “transfer”, which goes into DtP daily, so that I have an exclusive location to search if needed.

Any mail that requires an action or answer at some point in the future gets filed into the transfer folder too. I flag the mail in Apple Mail, DtP displays the flag and in DtP I add this email as a to-do to OmniFocus from DtP’s built in script menu. That’s great.
I use OmniFocus because I learned that for me it’s the best way to have only one place for my to-dos, of course I could also flag them as a to-do in DtP and watch it there.

So in Apple Mail I only have 3 folders apart from Trash and Spam:

  • In (ideally empty and definitely empty at the end of the day)
  • Out (ideally empty and definitely empty at the end of the day)
  • Transfer (mails to go into DtPO)

And there also is Apple Mail’s menu bar > Mailbox > “Add to DtP” and Apple Mail’s menu bar > Messages > “Add to DtP” - both with shortcuts.

Yes, you can always export them from DtPO again for whatever reason.

Not that I noticed, but I use the menu bar option in Mail that I listed above, so simple and fast.

Not as distinct objects and they are not indexed, so you cannot use the search for finding attachments. I heard from Christian Grunenberg that there are plans to index attachments in the future though.

(Of course I like the idea of indexed attachments but to honest: All important attachments I file outside the mails anyway.)

Yes, the attachments are viewable in DtPO.

No, you can click on the mailto-link above each mail in DtPO to reply and there is also a “send reply”-icon in the toolbar.

No, see above. You can view the attachments in DtPO and can also drag them out the email to the desktop or any folder to export them.

When you view the email in DtPO the attachments will be displayed inline. Please note the little icon directly above the email next to the lock/unlock-icon. It’s called “text alternative” and when you click this, the attachments will be shown with small icons, their names and size. So much to discover once you test it yourself. :smiley:

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Thanks for the detailed reply. It’s getting archived in, drum roll, DTPO!