Refreshing after a search in DT3b3

When enter a search term, the items matching the search appear. When I am done with the search, I try deleting the search term and clicking on another group, but nothing appears in the group. I click on any other group, and no items appear. I am struggling to see whether some aspect of the search is still active somehow or how to properly “end” the search, or why no items are appearing but I can’t find it. The only way I can return to normal operations is to click on one of the groups in my favorites list, at which point items again appear and then I can click on groups in my database again. What is the correct way to end a search and resume normal use of a database?

I try deleting the search term

What do you mean by this? Highlighting and pressing Delete?
If so, you should clear the search by clicking the X.

Thank you!! That solved it. It’s amazing, sometimes you look everywhere and miss the little things.

You’re welcome.:slight_smile:

The fact that these two different ways of emptying the search field result in different behaviour seems completely counter-intuitive to me. In fact, I would tend to classify this as a bug.

Or maybe there is a particular reason the search field behaves likes, that I’m simply not seeing?

Development could chime in here, but clearing the contents of a search allows you to remain in search mode and change locations or enter new criteria.

Clicking the X clears the search and closes the search mode.


I’m not sure if my query is strictly related, but would appreciate some clarity on what I am doing wrong?

I’m repeatedly falling prey to an annoying situation involving Search.

Step 1: Invoke a search, find what I need.
Step 2: Do anything else in any other application.
Step 3: Come back to DT3, and start navigating to a particular folder inside DT3.
Step 4: Click into that sub-folder in the sidebar, and wonder why nothing is showing inside the ‘Viewing Pane’.
Step 5: Realise that the ‘Search’ from step 1 is still ‘active’ – and I am ‘seeing nothing’, because where I have navigated to, is not ‘matching’ anything in the original search criteria.
Step 6: Hit the “x” to ‘clear’ the search >> [[start muttering oaths and this reply!]]

When Step 6 kicks in, I am taken out of where I had navigated to – which now means I must re-navigate back to where I was a few moments earlier.
This becomes incredibly frustrating when one is navigating through many sub-folders/groups to get to where one wanted to go initially, since this process needs to be repeated again.

Request: Can ‘clearing’ the Search item not simply leave the navigated state “as is”? Would this be possible?
Is this catching anyone else – and if so, what are you doing to mitigate?

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We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

Fantastic – many thanks!