Refreshing links, mentions, and see also

Is there a hotkey to refresh the inspectors for links, mentions, and see-also? If I add a link in another DT window, it doesn’t show up in a window current on the target of the link.

If I click from links to mentions and then back to links, the links inspector is brought up to date. Mentions, links, and probably see-also all work this way.

Is there a slicker way to refresh the inspector windows?

Not at this time. Development would have to assess this behavior.

Where exactly do you add the link?

I have two Devonthink windows open. In the first window I put a link in a document the second window is current on, with the links inspector open in the second window.

The links inspector doesn’t update in real,time, which is understandable. A fresh list of links appears if I move off of either the document and back to it, or I move the inspector off of links and then back to links.

A very minor issue, in other words.

What kind of document did you use? Is the Links inspector updated after saving the document?

The links inspector isn’t updated on saving, including Command-S for the database.

By the way, it’s really nice how the links and mentions inspector work. They provide an alternate navigation. As I click through links, mentions, and see-also, the group list in the far left (or upper) panel remains focussed on the original document.

I can browse the documents in links, mentions, and see-also. Then I can return to my starting point by clicking on the still-highlighted document in the group list and hitting Command-R. Nice.

Smart groups and tags in a second window update in real time. At least portions of the inspector are not real-time.

Trying to achieve real-time inspectors in a huge database might be a heavy computational load. If real time inspector updates could be run in a separate, low priority thread that might be the best compromise.

Here’s a screen movie I uploaded to Dropbox showing what I see.

In case of item links the Links inspector should be automatically updated after saving, in case of Wiki links or Mentions it’s a really slow operation and therefore not refreshed.

That explains it. I was using wiki links.

Edited to add: A quick test pasting an item link into one document shows that the links inspector does indeed update in real time.


By the way, opening an extra window or two sometimes really enhances my personal workflow.

Very handy.