Registration problems after reformat or clean install?

DEVONtechnologies Support has received numerous requests for new registrations of software following users’ upgrades to Tiger, a reformatted hard drive, etc.

Here are 3 tips for getting back to work following a hard drive reformat, (some types) of OS X upgrades, or moving to a new computer:

[1] REPLACE the registration.plist file from a previous registration of your application.

Your registration is stored in a .plist file named, e.g., com.devon-technologies.think.registration.plist and is stored in ~/UserNameHome/Library/Preferences. It’s a good idea to backup this file, so that it can be replaced as needed.

[2] RE-REGISTER your application using the registration code sent to you after purchase.

Enter the registration fields Name/Organization/Registration EXACTLY as those strings are in your email. It’s a good idea to copy each field content and paste it into the corresponding field at registration time. After entering all this data, click into an earlier entered field (without making any change) to initialize the last-entered field’s data. Then click the Register button.

Note: For a time DEVONtechnologies issued time-limited registration information. If your email specified this, your registration code cannot be entered successfully after the expiration date. In that case, use either Tip [1] or Tip [3] to register your application. All registrations issued since November 2004 can be successfully entered using the Tip [2] procedure (unless otherwise specified).

[3] EMAIL DEVONTECHNOLOGIES SUPPORT to request a new registration code.

DEVONtechnologies maintains a database of all registered users. Please provide your name (probably as specified for your purchase by credit card) and address in the request. (The registration server is located in Europe and there may be delays in response because of time zone, weekends and holidays.)

With respect to the DT registration .plist file Bill mentioned… he probably meant to say that the actual path is: