Regular Expressions in DT?

Any chance of adding support for regular expression searching in DEVONthink PE and/or Pro? I think it would be a really powerful feature to include.


Let me second this – regular expression searching would be really useful. If given a choice, I’d prefer either Perl regexps (the stand-alone package has been ported to a variety of languages, including Java, Common Lisp, Prolog, and of course C) or the agrep (approximate grep) algorithm used by the GLIMPSE search engine.

Let me “third” this suggestion. I was actually quite amazed when I went looking for regex search and replace and couldn’t find it. Is it possible I missed something?

is regex stillnot possible?

+1 for this – though, seeing as there are five requests in 9 years for this feature I won’t be holding my breath :laughing:

OTOH, there is a limited subset of Regex implemented in the search syntax (the image below is from the Search Operators topic in Help):

+2 for this (oops, did I say that out loud? :mrgreen: )