Reindexing Metadata in DT3

I recently moved the contents of a group (lets call it “Instructions”) to the root of a new database by dragging and dropping in DT3. Now when I have documents in the inbox which the AI would previously reliably have suggested moving to the group named “Instructions”, it does not suggest moving them to the new database. It’s as if I need to “reindex metadata” - which I can do in DTTG, but don’t know how to do in DT3. Can I? Or is there another solution? Cheers.

(The group / database is not indexed, i.e. is contained in DT)

You can use Rebuild database from the File menu. If i understand correctly it will export and reimport all files and also rebuild the index. May take some time on a large database. I think it also creates a new copy of the database.

I’m not sure if there are other ways to force a reindex.

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tried that, thx - didn’t help. @BLUEFROG Jim, is it possible that DT3 won’t suggest the root of a database as a destination to move an item to? I ask, because DT recognises that similar documents are to be found in that root location (ie lists them in “see also”), but does not suggest moving the document from the inbox to the root of the new database.

Edit: responding to myself here: yes, that’s the problem - as soon as I put the files in a group, rather than in root, the AI works again; is that a bug?

Thee root is not a group so it’s not suggested by the AI. I wouldn’t consider this a bug. Perhaps just unexpected behavior.

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Cheers. It’s no big deal (I’ve simply moved everything to a group), but perhaps worth considering the behaviour in a future release. Obviously there may be good reasons for things to be as they are, too :slight_smile:

@cgrunenberg woud have to assess this specific behavior. It’s actually the first request I can recall.

Yeah, I didn’t find any reference to the behaviour in the forum.

This is the first time I have created a database without any groups, so with the data in the root. I want to share this specific data with my wife, and as I can’t select individual groups within an existing database for sharing, I ended up creating a database solely with the content of the group I wanted to share.