Reinstall everything every time ?

I’d like to request suggest a text file with the download telling currently up-to-date users what they need to reinstall to take advantage of updates, and what will work fine as is.

I’ve reinstalled the widgets, bookmarklets, etc. several times now with successive updates and it’s starting to feel strange.

What you want is the Version History file that’s always included on the download disk image.

If a Widget is updated, it will be noted in the version changes. Otherwise, just keep using the installed Widgets.

I just came to the forum to ask for the version history file and I saw this thread. Bill, as far as I can tell there is no version history file since version 1.2. I couldn’t find any in the 1.2.1 and 1.3b2 packages. I will be grateful if somebody tell me where it is.


It is now found in the online Help documentation, although I agree that a separate entry in the table of contents of the Help document would be nice.

I found it.