relationship map doesn't include search terms in 3.0 beta

The relationship diagram seems to be a nice concept but why doesn’t it generate a map for the search terms? I search for word a and I don’t get a relationship map for it even though that word has to be in every accepted article.

Usually the topics list contains the entered words automatically. Do you have an example (search term + search set/plugin) that doesn’t work? Thanks in advance!

Is it just me or has the keyword search under the topics list in Beta 3 disappeared?

This has been removed indeed. But there’s the possibility to search in results now (see toolbar), supporting wildcards & boolean operators.

OK, well I added the search field to my toolbar and nothing happens whey I try to enter search terms into it. It can’t be selected. Am I missing something here?

Oh…I just discovered that it can be used in “results” mode, but not in “digest mode.” So I’m guessing that if we search the results and then switch to digest mode it will display only the maps/nodes related to that results search? Is that correct?

The maps/topics are always global (in both v2.x and v3.0) but the toolbar search does not (yet) update the digest. However, the next beta will support this.

The third beta will also fix an issue of the internal concordance which could cause poor topics.