relative links

I have to deal with many postscript files from a variety of places and always have them on my hard disk after importing them or receiving them at attachments. I would like to collect references to them in folders within DT which would also include notes, comments, etc…and let DT organize what’s where. Incorporating them into the database is wasteful of space and an unnecessary duplication - this will become GB fast. So, fine, I can use command-option-drag to set those links up and keep the database full of thin files.

My problem is that I would like (I must) synch with another platform, my portable, which has a different username and hence a different path. The links that are created by DT are the full path, but my directory structures on the two computers are identical past the /Users/me/… level. So, what I need for DT to do is to set up RELATIVE links to my cached files and then synching between two computers would be trivial. Is there no way to do this?

I presume that the appropriate relative path would be with respect to ~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink/

DEVONthink actually uses links relative to the home directory internally (if possible) - only the display (e.g. in the info panel) uses absolute paths.

You’re right! I just tested it. I apologize if I somehow missed this, but I don’t think it’s noted anywhere and it’s a really important point, especially since the info panel kind of plays a trick on one.  ;)