Release: Add (Safari) Page to DEVONThink (Pro) Plus

Add page from Safari Plus
Created by Christian Grunenberg on May Tue 25 2004.
Copyright © 2004-2005. All rights reserved.
Modified by Loren Ryter, Wooden Brain Concepts, August 2005

this script is a way to get rid of unnecessary stuff from web pages you regularly use
the default example is for the New York Times printer friendly page of a NYT article
you can add your own strip and search/replace criteria in the properties.

It is possible to strip strings from web page titles, to strip out entire (specified) tags, and to search and replace pairs of strings.

Recommended install location:

Neat. it works well!

Thank you for your efforts once again.


Two new features added:

  1. handle stripping tags where case of start and end tag differ

  2. ability to replace page title with text from source by extracting it from between specified start and end delimiters

Re-download for updated version.

This script has been updated. Better parsing of New York Times main pages with parsing level options and add to group options.

For this script and other random ones for DTP, please see:

(See the More Products page)

Thank you.

Thanks for this interesting script :slight_smile:
And btw i LOVE the icons of your software 8)