Release: Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage

Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage
by Wooden Brain Concepts

This script is substantially adapted from Import Selected Entourage Mailboxes to DevonThink Pro by Christian Grunenberg and Eric B-V.

There are several advantages of this script over the default scripts:

  1. Selection can be either a message or messages, or a nested mailbox folder
  2. Formatting of e-mail addresses is better
  3. Spoken alerts and logging
  4. Possible to cancel.
  5. self-install in recommended install location

Recommended install location:
~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items/DevonThink/

Original script info:

– Import selected Entourage mailboxes to DEVONthink Pro.
– Created by Christian Grunenberg on Wed Jul 27 2005.
– Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved.

Modified for short headers by Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann an 12/08/05
substantially modified by Loren Ryter of Wooden Brain Concepts 19/08/05
now handles selected mailboxes or messages; handles nested folders properly; better message formatting; better timeouts; etc
implemented cancel button and result logging, 17/09/05