Release notes do not show up


the menu item help / release notes does not show any contents.
Not a big deal but maybe you want to fix it someday.


They are shown over here, DEVONthink 3.6.3. Which version do you use?

Works for me on DT 3.6.3 on macOS 11.2.3 too.

I use 3.6.3 as well and I also noticed it some versions earlier right after installing the new versions.
I don´t know what happened within the last hour but right now they show up. Before it always said that finder could not find the site. Internet was up and running all the time.

I’m having the same issue after updating from version 3.5.2 to version 3.6.3 on macOS 10.15.7. The Help window simply shows the following error page:

The selected content is currently unavailable

The content you selected can’t be displayed at this time. Try again later.

You may be experiencing one of the following issues:

  • The server may be unreachable.

  • Your school, business, or internet service provider (ISP) may be experiencing an outage.

  • The content may not exist.

If you still can’t view help content after trying again, contact Apple Support. You can also use the Apple Support app (available from the App Store) on iPhone or iPad.

For what it’s worth, helpd made an HTTPS connection to (2403:300:a0e:f000::1) and (, and HelpViewer made an HTTPS connection to (2600:140b:4800:292::1aca). Quitting and re-launching the application does not resolve the issue.

That’s usually caused by an outdated cache of the helper viewer or if the help viewer didn’t index the help yet. Does rebooting the computer or reinstalling the computer fix this?

Do you mean reinstalling macOS or reinstalling DEVONthink? Either one feels like a terribly destructive operation just to read some release notes.

Reinstalling the app. Just download it from our website and replace the installed app with the downloaded one. That’s all.

In my case it was always right after (about 15 min) installing the new version