Release notes DTTG 3.2.2: shown document trashed, new document is selected, with what purpose?

As a point of feedback:

What’s the point of having DTTG automatically select a new document if the shown document is trashed?

This might result in documents opening that weren’t meant to be opened then and there.

It’s consistent to DEVONthink 3 and many other apps (e.g. Mail or the Finder).

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Right, that indeed is consistent.

This behavior appears to be limited to available documents in a group. So if one document is present in a group and that document is trashed, DTTG doesn’t arbitrarily select another document but shows the ‘Nothing selected’ message.

Could you explain a bit more in detail what you find inconsistent? The way the new document is selected?

Uhm, I wrote the opposite? I agreed it’s consistent with the other apps :grinning:

But to me personally there’s no real benefit and a potential downside, in that some document is automatically opened (I presume the next in a list). That means deleting by ‘Edit’ if I want to prevent that, as the ‘Edit’ method seems to circumvent the automatic opening. Obviously other people might find this behavior beneficial.

In Mail I do appreciate the automatic selection, as I can quickly archive messages with the press of a single button.

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I referred to this sentence with which I struggle :slightly_smiling_face:

And in DEVONthink To Go this behavior can also be used to quickly delete documents. That’s where the request came from (and to make it consistent to other apps).

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Yes, but in a lot of other email clients you also get the option to ‘return to message list’ without automatically opening the next message (and mark it ‘read’) after moving, archiving or deleting an item.

In my opinion the inbox of DevonThink cannot be compared to such a message list, as in DT it can contain all kinds of information / document types, which will lose their status ‘unread’ after opening them automatically.

At least, add the option to choose this kind of behavior. Personally I’m fine with ‘nothing selected’, which is also the case when moving an item to another database.

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Agree. But apparently other users requested this feature. As always, some people want some behavior others don’t. I presume the DTTG developers invest lots of time in developing certain features and likely there will always be users that start asking questions why on earth they changed something :grinning:

The downside of yet another button could be cluttering of the menu items for example. The image posted here nicely describes that.

I’ve personally decided to stick to Edit button now that I know why the change was made.


This behavior is useful with keyboard.

Like in DEVONthink Pro and Finder.