Release notes not available on DT 3.9.1 update?

Updated to 3.9.1 this morning, always look forward to updates and changes, and like to read the release notes in a programmatic way. But when I open “Release Notes” from the Help menu, I get an error dialog from macOS User Guide reporting that “The content you selected can’t be displayed at this time. Try again later.” Can’t tell if this is a local problem, i.e., something didn’t take on my end, or if it’s a DEVONtechnolgies server problem…?

Have a look here:

In addition to @rdb suggestion, Menu: Help → Release Notes.

Thanks for the link to the other thread. Killing the Help demon process via terminal (killall helpd) didn’t fix the issue. I rebooted my laptop and that – I can only conjecture – seemed to solve the problem. If this is a macOS Help issue, I’m not surprised. From time to time I’ve run into odd little misfires of Help in other apps.

It’s even worse since Ventura unfortunately.