Relevant Date Field

I was wondering about how to set up a relevant date field in DevonThink. I understand the sense of not being able to edit the date created & date modified fields, however I would like to append a relevant date to items like meeting minutes and agendae. I need that column to display in the list of documents so I can quickly find the documents I need for syncing to my iPad so the comment workaround I don’t think would work for me.
Grateful for any thoughts


If you right-click the column header you can add/remove columns from the list views. You could add a Spotlight comment “note” or even use a Tag for a date (and show the Tags column).

Actually, Creation Data and Modified Date can be adjusted. See, for example, the scripts in Scripts > Date. (You might need to first install the scripts via the Support Assistant.) Use one of those, or write a script that prompts and sets the date you desire. It is only Addition Date that cannot be modified via scripting.

As Jim mentioned (before I could press “Submit” 8) ) an alternate approach is to put a date value into a tag, for example “ReadMe” could be set to “20130613” or some such. Tags can be displayed in the list views.

Thanks for your help. The spotlight comment seems to be doing the trick


Creation & modification dates can also be modified via the Info panel now.

Is it possible rename the modification date label (say to Meeting Date)?