Relinking to my database after an upgrade

Hi – I use Dropbox with DevonThink (but don’t worry, only as a way of keeping an off-site backup of my database; I only access and update my files from one account on one computer).

On updating from the last public beta to version 2.0, my database isn’t found and linked. How do I reopen it and carry on?

It’s at: Users/[myname]/Dropbox/DevonThink 2

Is it just a matter of restoring an alias? If so, where? I thought this would happen automatically, as it did with each public beta.


If you’ve been using the DT application unregistered for a long time during the public beta period the demo period would have expired. As noted in the latest release Install screen, a 30-day trial license is available for the asking at the fourth ‘lifesaver’ symbol at

And just to be on the safe side, I suggest that you periodically use File > Export > Backup Archive and keep the archive on a local medium, such as an external drive. Some of us who have been around a while have experienced disruption or even complete shutdown of online storage services. Several disruptions of services hosting online data have happened within the past few months and some people have temporarily lost access to or even lost data.

Hi Bill, and thanks for trying to help. I don’t think my question was understood. I can launch the release version of 2.0 just fine, and have a fairly cheap upgrade option from 1.0 to buy it, which I plan to do soon.

But it doesn’t link to my (non-standard-location) database, as all the betas did. How do I restore the link, using an alias?

(It needs to be an alias so my database is backed up off-site by Dropbox. I back up locally too.)


Is an alert to enter a license code displayed on startup and did you click the “Cancel” button? Then you’ll need a trial extension.

Assuming that you’re using DEVONthink Personal 2, there should be an alias/symlink at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2 pointing to the above dropbox folder.