Reload? Reimport? Synchronize?

I’m very pleased with the latest (v.1.6) of DEVONthink. It is clearly the best and most serious note-taking and organizing tool for the Mac. As far as I can tell, it lacks only one feature that would be very useful to me. The ability to reload imported file from the hard disk (into a read-only data element) or to synchronize DT data with the original imported file.

I’m more interested in the former. It would give me the ability to search data I keep on my Palm using MacNotetaker, not to confused with the NeXT notetakers: … eTaker.htm

Once a week HotSync downloads the MacNotetaker files from the Palm and into a folder of flat text files. I would like to be able to launch DEVONthink, click on a read-only Notes folder, and reload/reimport with the new Palm data. I thought the new link-to feature might be the answer, but those files are not searchable.
After reading most of the notes in this forum, I see there is a grayed-out item in the File menu: Synchronize. I assume this is a feature whose time hasn’t come. Is this the feature I’m looking for?

All suggestions welcome.

Yes, that’s the desired feature whose time still hasn’t come. But it will come (first the URL/path handling has to be revised). In addition, a “Reimport” command might be a good idea too. We’ll consider this.