"Remember" Collapsed/Opened Databases/Groups when Using the Web Server?

So this is an odd question. I’ve been using the DEVONthink 3.x web server quite a lot pretty much since it was released. I’ve usually accessed it from my preferred browser, which is usually Firefox, but in light of some site incompatibility issues I’ve had (with other sites to be clear) I’ve switched to Vivaldi, which like so many other browsers is Chrome-based.

Unlike Firefox, Vivaldi doesn’t seem to “remember” collapsed/opened databases/groups when using the web server. In other words, if I log into my web server with Firefox, all of my globals and shared databases are collapsed at the outset, because that’s how I left them when I last used it. But if I log into my web server with Vivaldi, all of my globals and shared databases are all expanded one level deep, thus requiring me to collapse all but what I care about every time I open a new tab.

Any advice as to how I might get the same sort of behavior I see in Firefox to work in Vivaldi? Thanks in advance.

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Currently the web interface does not store the status of collapsed/opened databases or groups between sessions, and after login should display just the top level inboxes and databases. Vivalidi is doing what I would expect to happen after login. I tried with Firefox to reproduce the remembered collapsed/opened state without success. In the web interface login screen, do you use the link to use http login?

Very interesting. No, I don’t use the link to HTTP login; I open a tab with the URL of my server, let Firefox automatically enter my ID/PW, and click the “Login” button.