Remember page/position in documents/notes

I use DEVONthink to store all my electronic books (e.g. PDFs), amongst other things.

Whenever I view a PDF through the built-in viewer, it always starts displaying the document from the very beginning (i.e. top of first page). If I scroll through the pages in one book, then select a different book/note, when I return to the first book, it is once again displayed from the top.

The PDF Preview application built in Mac OS X automatically remembers the last viewed page for each document (there is an option controlling this in Preview under Preferences | PDF | Remember last page viewed).

Is there any such facility in DEVONthink? I would have thought this kind of functionality is available in DEVONthink, but I couldn’t find a way of engaging it.

Without it, I am forced to read PDFs outside of DEVONthink, as it is impractical to always manually locate the last viewed page.

Btw, I think the facility would be applicable across all types of notes and documents, not just PDFs - i.e. the option to automatically remember the last viewed page/position.

In fact, what would be even more useful is the ability to manually create multiple bookmarks in notes/documents to quickly navigate to respective areas of interest.

Radu Carlan

I strongly agree with both and second it as feature request.


So, I take it there is no way of doing this at the moment - i.e. have DEVONthink remember the last viewed page/position for PDFs, notes and other documents stored in its database, and automatically reposition accordingly when the corresponding document is accessed again in the future.

Should I then move this topic to the DT/DN Requests & Suggestions forum?

Btw, as I mentioned in my original post, I think that in addition to the automatic remembering/positioning there would be value in also having user-defined bookmarks for documents.

One way this could be provided is as part of the Information window:

  1. There could be a flag (i.e. check-box) in the document Information window controlling whether or not DEVONthink should remember and automatically restore the last viewed page/position for the corresponding document.

  2. There could be a separate tab (or section) in the Information window for managing bookmarks for the corresponding document. Bookmarks could be displayed in a list, with facilities to create, rename, and delete individual entries (it would be nice for the Delete command to also work on multiple selection). There would obviously also be an Activate or Navigate command associated with the selected bookmark.

I think both of these features are a must for DEVONthink - if not for all editions, then at least for Professional and above. They would increase the usability of the product tremendously.

Radu Carlan

I think this could be done a couple ways. The bad news is that every way I can think of doing it requires suggestions that I’ve already made and gotten shot down on.