remember where I was last please

I want the program DEVONthink to remember where I was last time I used the program, so I can continue.

I cannot find a preference to say “remember window positions” “continue from last place” or anything like this. When I return to a page it is always back at the top which is silly. Not much good for a writer like myself who has many documents that need editing or just simply to continue reading/writing/updating from where I last left it. Much like a ‘remember the place’ bookmark used in an old fashioned book!

I can’t believe DEVON would omit such a simple and useful feature so it must be something I have missed. It is a frustrating brick-wall that I have hit. How do I implement this?

Thank you

I second this request.

In addition, I still miss a real “history” feature that works across windows and browsers, just recording where I was when, and I can go there.


The only available option currently is “Startup > Open windows that were open quit” but this does not (yet) restore the selection or the scroll position.

Me too. Very important.

How about a “set bookmark” button? That way the program wouldn’t have to remember the state of every single file in the database, only the ones where you had implemented this button at the cursor point. I’m guessing there would be much more memory usage and HD space consumed if DT had to remember the state of every page.

Just an idea. Would that work?


The history of v1.9.x will remember the last used position but that won’t be saved in the database of course as the history is only temporary (and not persistent). In addition, the “Open windows that were open on quit” option will also remember the last used position and store the position in the preferences.

There is an applescript program called worksets that, IIRC, might do what you want.

I will find the link/program later on or tomorrow and post back (not at home and we’re in the midst of a blizzard…)


Edit: Check it out here.

That sounds somewhat similar but DT won’t use AppleScript of course (as AppleScript is both limited and, more important, very slow :slight_smile:)