Remembering position in pdfs – adding bookmarks


One of my use cases for DTTG is reading and annotating pdfs, many of them a 100+ pages. Is there a way to have DTTG to remember my last position and/or add a bookmark?


Not yet but it’s definitely planned.

Is this still happening as it is very frustrating to not have read-sync across devices and I’m now faced with the friction of splitting PDFs out to iBooks (it seems that nothing syncs reading position for PDFs!) just so I don’t lose my mind.

I was going to start a new thread for this but found this one, another, and a request for this back in 2011(I can’t post links apparently).

I understand this is tricky as there’s multiple ways to view a PDF (MacOS Preview, 3rd party apps, viewer in DT, DT reader window, mobile DT PDF viewer), but in my testing none of them sync read position when launched from DT.

Please please try and fix this as the fracturing of knowledge storage grates against the core idea of DT.

Hi, did you tried to sync reading positions?

Actually yes, syncing read position of PDFs does work with the built-in viewer when syncing itself works. It seems I have a sync bug between DT on Big Sur and iOS again so my testing is all moot.

Reading positions are not shared among applications. DEVONthink only syncs the reading position of PDFs viewed in it as that’s the only positions it has knowledge of.