Remembering Width in Vertical Split view

Hi all,

A few hours ago I updated to Pro (I was waiting for the 1.0 release…) and so far I’m delighted with it (especially now that I have the option to use the contextual menu to save either as web archive or web page!)

One thing I do miss however is the app remembering the width setting of the left panel in Vertical Split view (the view I use 99.99% of the time).

I’m working on a wide screen 17" powerbook and like to use the extra screen width to set the left panel wide enough to read long document names while ‘drilling’ up and down through my various groups. In the personal edition the width setting was saved while doing this while in the Pro edition the pane snaps back each time to a very ‘narrow’ (IMO) default setting.

Or am I overlooking something?

– Paul


I’ve just been playing around a bit more with the windows and after stretching the left pane of the ‘3 Pane View’ to the width I wanted find that the left pane of the Vertical Split view now correctly remembers its setting.

Could this be a small bug?

Anyway all seems well now!