Reminder → Mark Item as Flagged/Read/Locked

Just a feature request. It’d be nice if Reminders could mark items when they trigger. “Mark Flagged”, “Unread”, and “Lock” are all things that could be time/date sensitive. (I know it’s trivial to script, but it would probably benefit people who aren’t script-friendly to see it in the list of options.)

Would a Smart Rule like this do what you are suggesting?

Yeah, but not quite as simple or intuitive as “Mark Flagged on Reminder.” Plus, it would be finicky to set up on an individual item’s basis.

Assuming a flag is an indication that you should act on the item with some degree of urgency, a “mark flagged on reminder” would give you a nice deferral mechanism. Say you get a bill you need to pay in a week but don’t want to pay yet. Flagging it immediately doesn’t make sense as it isn’t yet actionable–but none of the available actions on Reminder are quite loud enough to ensure you act on that bill when it’s time.

There are, of course, dozens of ways of accomplishing what I’m talking about already. I’m just pointing out that “Mark as” is an intuitive Reminder action that isn’t there already.


The sugestion is noted. :slight_smile:

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