Reminders for Smart Groups

Question: I created a reminder for a Smart Group which causes the same reminder to appear for all smart group in the given database (instead only for the given smart group).

This seems like a bug to me. Or is it a feature?

Are you sure that only the desired smart group and not multiple ones were selected? At least that’s the only way I can reproduce it.

Only the desired smart group was selected.

In the sidebar or in the main view?

OKOK. You got me. I was in the sidebar. Switching to main view did the trick. Thanks.

Maybe this is worth investigating either…

Just tried it but this works fine here. A screenshot showing the sidebar & the main view while adding the reminder would be great!

Does this help?
1.pdf (701.8 KB)

Is this a global smart group in the Smart Groups section of the sidebar or a local smart group inside a database?

It’s a local one in a database.

Just created a new database, selected one of the default smart groups in the sidebar, added a reminder via the inspector but only the selected smart group got the reminder as expected. Are you able to reproduce the issue?

Same here: It works with a new database. Strange…