Remote Databases

I’m using cloudkit. I moved all the groups within a couple of my local databases to other databases (at least I hope I did- I can see them in the new database). I then deleted the old databases. However, I can see them in the remote database section under syncing. I tried “cleaning” them but the databases have come back. I’m sure this is an issue of me not understanding how this works.

On another note…is there an easy way to see all the files that are indexed and not local? Or to see if a file is local and not indexed?

If the unwanted databases are being synced by a device, they will continue to reappear. You should disable their syncing from the other devices except one to clean from. You can also delete them if unwanted. Then from one machine, clean them from the Remote section of the sync location and they should be gone for good.

You can use the Tools > Filter > Info pane and set the ** File Location** dropdown to Indexed or Imported to filter these items in the current location.

You could also do a toolbar search for item:indexed to locate indexed items.