remote sync: method MKCOL not allowed (405)

I’m trying to set up a new sync to my remote Webdav (own cloud) share.

I’m getting the cryptic message from Devonthink: “method MKCOL not allowed (405)”

So I have no idea how to fix it. Maybe I have entered incorrect parameters (quite likely in fact) - but I don’t know what to do differently apart from trial and error.

Any input appreciated…


ps - this is on an iMac 5k with the latest versions of El Capitan and Devonthink.

Please check especially that the path, port & scheme (HTTP vs. HTTPS) of the URL are correct.

Thanks - that worked!

The problem was I was using the default http:// address, and my server is set up for https:// (self signed).

Now it is syncing. We’ll see how it goes!

(ps - a more clear error message for user errors like this might be nice).

Thanks for the suggestion, v2.9.3 will improve this.