Removable Menu Side Panel

Just got the new iPad. First thing I noticed after syncing and opening docs on the iPad was that the text is too small to read in full screen portrait mode, so I switched to landscape mode, but the side panel menu prevented me from benefitting from the extra screen width. I don’t like moving the screen left and right to read every sentence, but it’s natural to scroll down while reading. I want to use full screen landscape mode. Please provide a way to remove the side panel or relocate it to a top panel! Or else I will not be able use this new app much at all…
Thank you

This is on our list of things to consider for a future version, and given the number of requests for it I think it is likely to happen. Right now our focus is on implementing our new sync process, but once that’s done we’ll re-evaluate the list of feature requests.

I am going to weigh in on this topic and note that I’ve given up on using DTTG at this time primarily due to this display problem in landscape mode. Even with the new syncing capability planned, I believe I would continue to avoid using DTTG because I find this display constraint to be such a severe handicap. After all, the primary utility of DTTG is to serve as a remote reader for what I have in my DEVONthink database. If I can’t read my documents or show them to others, then this is not worth using.

I’ll also note that all of the other iPad apps I use for reading pdfs, text docs, ebooks, presentations, etc. allow me to read a document in landscape mode without having to waste precious screen real estate.

This seems to be a fundamental usability issue that DTTG just doesn’t get, yet.

Can you give me an example how they manage the slide-in/slide-out of the sidebar? In Apple’s “list-detail view concept” this usage scenario is not envisioned.

I second this request. There are many apps that allow you to slide the list out of the way so that the item can be viewed in the full screen. Dropbox, Evernote and Box are three examples of mainstream apps that do this.

+1 for me too. I’m having to use the “open in” to launch the document in GoodReader, to view the full page.

Just going full screen would also work.


Full screen would be the simplest, and that is the same as what most other apps offer.